Key Features To Update In Your Bathroom

Key Features To Update In Your Bathroom

There are going to be key features that you want to focus on when you take on a bathroom remodel project.  These remodel projects can be simple one day turnarounds to complete gut and redo’s.  For those looking to take a step forward and change the overall appearance of your bathrooms here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that your rooms are great.


To start with you will want to focus on bathroom vanities columbia and how they will play a role in your bathroom.  The vanities will be a key feature that will be used on a daily basis.  These can also be points of discussion amongst those who share a bathroom.

The first thing that you want to consider is how many sinks will be in your vanity.  If you are a single person and you are the only one using the bathroom than a single sink will do.  However, if you are a female or if you have multiple people using the bathroom then a double sink will be a good investment. 


Lighting is also a major aspect in a bathroom.  When walking into a bathroom you don’t want a blinding light striking you in the eyes at three in the morning when you get up and have to use it.  Also, you don’t want the light in the room to be too dark that it is hard to see. 

You want to begin with natural light.  This will help to set the mood and overall feeling for the room.  With natural light we can see how light will play in the room, what angles it will bounce off of and more.  From here we will have the base for everything else that we will do in the room.  The wall paint colors or if we are going to use a tile or wallpaper.  From there we will look at the floor tiles, accessories and so much more.

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Designing your room and making it your own will take some work.  However, if you start small, follow a plan you can get through it with an amazing result.